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Through our education programs and advocacy initiatives, we are raising awareness of sexual and domestic violence, prevention, and intervention. Crime No More advocates are paving the way for innovative approaches to ignite shifts in social change. Our multi-sectoral solutions are built around sustainable long-term change.


Law Enforcement response is critical in how victims cope, first with immediate crisis and, later with recovery for the crime.  Crime No More advocates integrate victimization issues into the training for line officers and incorporate a strong assistance component into their agencies.

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Crime No More advocates work with top civil law firms.  Attorney’s understand the importance of having victim advocates as an integral part of their team to provide services for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors.  Our advocates provide their clients with emotional support, resource assistance, court room accompaniment and other services.


Sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, internet violence and sex trafficking interrupt the lives of victims/survivors, their families and their community.  Crime No More advocates work with 10th-12th grade high school students, Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools.  Our education and prevention services provide skill-based online and classroom training, which promotes prevention strategies to reduce the risk of sexual-based and domestic trauma.


Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking is becoming an ever-increasing issue in the workplace. Crime No More advocates provide training for HR, Leadership and Managers on signs and symptoms of workplace violence and the importance of maintaining confidentiality in the workplace, and identifying the internal and external resources available to assist employees.

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